I’m sorry, Victoria.

a best friend is;
  • someone who has been there since the beginning
  • someone who is family till the very end
  • someone who you tease about their fashion sense
  • someone who can put up with your snappy judgments
  • someone who has your best interests at heart

convict + sass

Someone close to us shot Emily.

Revenge, Season 3 | Opening monologue.

ConVict parallel | Balcony

the greatest fear of all is that the truth is absolute.

But like, Emily and Nolan should kiss at least one time



I don’t care if later they realize they want to be just friends, but god dammit I need them to kiss!

The only thing that make me happy is that I know they’re somehow endgame. He will be with her until the very end

but I’ll be forever bitter if they…

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